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Join the most popular environmental contest to enhance your CSR and achieve your environmental policy goals!

What's in it for you?


  • Your presentation on the www.treeoftheyear.org with 420 thousand unique visitors a year and on our social media — Facebook (with 40,000 fans), Instagram (with 5,200 followers) and on the communication materials produced (promotional materials, press releases, mailings, etc.)


  • Active presence at the Award Ceremony in Brussels, a key date in the Brussels environmental calendar


  • Communication of the partnership and voting through the partner communication channels


  • Potential of cards co-branding, affinity cards and other creative ways of cross-marketing


  • Media coverage: European, national and regional media are covering the contest, especially during voting and winners’ announcements). Media organizations including BBC, The Guardian, RTVE, Antena3, New Europe, Radio Bulgaria, Hungary Today, Het Belang van Limburg, etc. have all covered the contest.

Cooperation added value

Linking the partner brand to an internationally recognised good cause

(the protection of Trees as part of Europe’s Natural and Cultural capital) and the popular “Tree of the Year” brand, related with several policy areas: environment, sustainability, climate change, circular economy, forestry, cultural heritage, citizen participation and sustainable communities.

Exclusive access to the Brussels community

including networking opportunities with MEPs, European Commission, NGOs, European Associations and lobby groups in the background of positive environmental action.

Corporate Citizenship potential

by involving the employees and linking them with individual tree stories.

Capitalising the network

of the local branches and product-linked advertising for promoting the European Tree of the Year voting. Since its 10-year lifetime more than 1.6 million votes have been received at European level, and since 2002, more than 2.1 million voted in the national contests.

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Kateřina Bolečková

Contest coordinator