Oak Fabrykant became Tree of the Year in Poland in 2022!

7/26/2022 | Kateřina Bolečková
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Oak Fabrykant  from Łódź has won the Tree of the Year 2022 competition. 5559 people voted over the internet for the tree. It is one of the most original trees in Poland and showcase of the city. One of its branches is S shaped and over 20 m long which makes a huge impression on passers-by. In spring crowds of people who want to see its majesty in the sea of light blue flowers are attracted to it. In February 2023 oak Fabrykant wil represent Poland in the international contest European Tree of the Year! 

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During the entire month of June people could vote over the internet for Tree of the Year 2022. 16 trees from entire Poland that made it to the finals were competing for this honourable title. The 180 years old Oak Fabrykant from the city of Łódź has finally won with 5559 votes. 4538 votes, not much less went to the Guard of Love Stories from Bieńkowice in małopolskie voivodship, which became  second. The third one was the lime tree of professor Szafer in Broniszewo, in podkarpackie voivodship with 1393 votes. During voting 20801 votes were counted as valid. The page www.drzeworoku.pl had over 100000 hits.

The statuette of Tree of the Year 2022 will be given to Przemysław Bartos – author of the blog “Nature for Sosnowiec” who proposed the tree for the contest and to the representatives of the city of Łódź. All finalists will receive commemorative diplomas. Awards will be handed out on 10th of October 2022 in Warsaw during 20th edition of Tree Day of Klub Gaja.
Klub Gaja
Przemysław Bartos, who proposed the tree for the contest said: “I am very happy that Fabrykant won the title of Tree of the Year 2022. It shows that respect and admiration for nature have no limits. I live in Sosnowiec and I am promoting a tree from  Łódź which proves that tree friends can have a common aim and can unite themselves. Fabrykant is a majestic tree that became a  symbol of unity, fight for the environment and friendship of people from different parts of Poland and the world”.

Jolanta Migdał, coordinator of the contest Tree of the Year of Klub Gaja added: “We heartily congratulate the winners and all participants of this year’s edition of Tree of the Year for excellent competition! We are glad that thanks to the contest every year we can present further amazing trees which are part of the local community and make us aware of  importance of nature in our lives. I hope that stories of these trees will stay with us longer teaching us respect for nature and inspiring us to undertake responsible action to protect it”.
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Winners of Tree of the Year contest 2022
Winner of the title Tree of the Year 2022: Oak Fabrykant from Łódź

Common oak, 180 years old, height around 22,5 m, circumference 458 cm, monument of nature. Proposed by Przemysław Bartos (Nature for Sosnowiec).

Fabrykant, also called Jagosz grows in the park named after priest bishop Michał Klepacz in Łódź. It is one of the most original trees in Poland and a showcase of  Łódź. In spring crowds of people  who want to see its majesty in the sea of light blue flowers are attracted to it. Double name of the tree is related to industrial history of Łódź and to an outstanding organizer of cultural life of the city.

The first name (Fabrykant) was proposed by a biologist, professor Jan Teofil Siciński from Biology and Environment Conservation Faculty of the  Łódź University. The second name: Jagosz is referring to Mieczysław Jagoszewski, journalist of the papers Express Ilustrowany and Dziennik Łódzki, propagator of tourism and sightseeing in the Łódź region and co-founder of Society of Friends of Łódź. Presently the oak is attracting visitors for several reasons. First of all because of its unique structure. One of its branches has an S shape and is over 20 m long. This horizontal branch makes it possible for the tree crwon to reach over 33 m. Lighting has been installed by the oak.

2nd place in the contest – Guardian of a Love Story in Bieńkowice (borough of Drwinia, małopolskie voivodship)

Small-leaved lime, age about 380 years, height 25 m, circumference 765 cm, monument of nature. Proposed by District Authority Office in Bochnia.

The lime is witness to age old history of the manor which once belonged to the queen Bona and later to representatives of many noble and aristocratic lines, among others Bonera, Zamojski en Tęgoborski. The last owner of the manor was the family of Jasińscy. There is a tragic event related to their line with an air of eeriness. The lime became guardian of a love story. In 1937 the owner of that time, a barely 30 years old Zbigniew Jasiński shot himself. According to a local  legend he had fallen in love unhappily. On the day of his death he asked musicians to play religious songs under the shade of the lime tree. A fatal shot was heard at the mansion.  Since then at night people could hear the sound of broken glass and moving furniture, even the figure of the dead master was spotted.

On request of Zbigniew ‘s  mother exorcism was arranged and haunting then stopped. After the II World War  the manor declined and became a ruin. Presently thanks to renovation the place became alive again and the huge lime tree dazzles with its charm. More and more often the tree becomes an important part of photographical shots. Also the old tradition of concerts under the lime tree has been revived.

3rd place in the contest -  Lime tree of professor Szafer in Broniszewo (borough of Wielopole Skrzyńskie, voivodship podkarpackie)

Broad-leaved lime, age about 500 years, height 26 m, circumference 785 cm, monument of nature. Proposed by District Office of Wielopole Skrzyńskie.

The lime tree is since almost five ages a pearl of former manor park in Broniszewo. A Polish botanist and professor of Jagiellonian University strived for its conservation. This is why the tree is named after him. The lime tree was witness to many tragic and sublime historical events related to the village and its inhabitants. Over the years the manor changed owners. It was also owned by professor of  Jagiellonian University, Jerzy Fierich until 1944.The manor together with the surrounding park was a centre of intellectual and cultural life for its visitors. The surrounding was conducive to creative work and during the German occupation university professors were hiding there. Presently the part is visited by numerous inhabitants and tourists. It is also an important part of the locality’s landscape.

See all the finalists of the contest at www.drzeworoku.pl

The contest Tree of the Year of Klub Gaja has been organized for 12 years. Its aim is promoting respect for nature and finding interesting and durable ties between culture and history of local communities and  a tree which is appreciated by it. We do not look for oldest, tallest, thickest, most beautiful of most rare trees. We look for a most loved tree with a story, a tree which spurs imagination and unites people.